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Steps to A Mutually Beneficial Working Relationship:

Upon receipt of your purchase, you will be sent a detailed questionnaire for completion*.   During this process, the Web Artist will go back and forth with you to hone in on your vision for completion.  Depending on the size and scope of your vision, it could take a few days to communicate your designs/e-commerce goals.

IMPORTANT: Please do not rush the questionnaire process as it is very important to gauge the design elements of your site.
None of my custom designs are cookie-cutter and I want to "feel" your company vision so I can bring that to life in the final design.

Your design elements will be drawn free-hand (using electronic tools) and/or professional artwork/photos to emulate the goals outlined in your questionnaire (and during our correspondence).
A rough draft will be worked up in effort to comply with the direction of your vision.  Please be advised that this step takes time and artistic skill and therefore cannot be rushed. Any changes to the draft will be re-worked until it meets the communicated goal*.

IMPORTANT: Please note once you have agreed a final draft no changes can be made. Please understand and appreciate that hand-drawing graphics take time with special attention to detail.

Upon our acceptance of the final draft, I will upload your design to one of our approved hosting sites* so I can further work on the mechanics of your site.   A link will be sent to you so you may view the progress of the site while under construction.

Custom Design can take any time from 4/8 weeks, depending on the detail required.

We do not give out refunds.

* CLIENT DISCLOSURE:  We are all adults working toward a successful common goal.  I have just as much of a stake in your site as you do. I understand your enthusiasm and will emulate that in my work.   Please respect my craft as I respect yours.  Also, please understand that Rome was not built in a day and good things come with patience and expertise.  I am meticulous at what I do and that will be a reflection on your completed project in the days, months and years to come.
I want your site to be special just like you do.

Please remain patient as we go forward.

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